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Mar 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
does matter. but economic growth matters too. now, i had paul ryan on the program last night with his budget. he wants corporate tax reform as a pro growth measure. today at the business roundtable with the ceos, i ran a panel. you know what they were talking about? corporate tax reform as the single best pro growth measure. are we going get that out. house? can you all put some pressure on the president who sometimes says he's in favor of corporate tax reform? that would grow the economy and help solve the debt problem. >> larry, he actually said that when he came to meet with the house republicans today because dave camp raised this issue. mr. president there are some areas where we have common ground can we move forward on that. he mentioned the corporate tax rate to which the president said i agree the corporate tax rate is too high, we should lower it, make it flatter, fairer, that's something we can agree on and he said we have about a nine month window here, envelope he thought in order to make something like that happen. dave said let's do it now. the president said we can't d
Mar 15, 2013 7:00pm EDT
and have a competitive system in health insurance. >> talked to paul ryan about this, okay, earlier this week. you know guys like ryan they are holding the line. i want to go back to this point. i think the republicans did the right thing in holding down spending on the sequester. the stock market had a big pop over that. i really liked that. second point, business is getting better. not washington. business is the reason why stocks are getting better. but here's the thing, go back to your obama care. >> don't worry, washington will stop that. >> i don't think so. see, i think the republicans are back now in their mold where they are most effective of stopping the bad stuff and then trying to push a little bit the better stuff. in other words, i asked ryan, right, the guy has lunch with obama. first time in four years plus. ryan, can you make a deal with this guy? can there be a grand design? should you try for a deal? ryan says yeah, i'm cautiously optimistic. he's coming to the table. i heard the same thing from senator johnson. guys are telling me that obama has got a completely
Mar 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
the paul ryan thing with the big asterisk and say -- >> what do you think? >> that's exactly the way you have to approach this. we do need -- first off, this issue is about 5, 10, 15 years from now, stablelizing the debt at less than 15% gdp and the essence getting entitlements under control in the out years. as part of that, you have to have tax reform and significant tax reform. and actually, simpson/bowles, a commission i served on, laid out a way to do it, got the tax rates down on the personal side to 9, 15 and 23% and the corporate to 26%. and you need to bring the corporate rate down to 24, 25, 26% and need to go to a territorial system. but you can't do that independent of the individual system, because if you have a huge gap between the top individual rate, say today it's at 42.5%, and if you took the corporate 25%, everybody started -- >> because then you have small business. small business got screwed at the expense of big businesses in the last tax bill. so you're right. so i -- look, i say, you're going to have big problems if you try to have a big personal and corporate tog
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3